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The Urban Artiz professional street dance academy is the first of its kind in Malaysia. The product of a combined effort between both D ARTIZ STUDIO and URBANGROOVE.


The Urban Artiz is an established platform to produce certified individuals with the capablility of teaching, choreography, leadership, performance, event management and personal style development.


Both Urban Groove and D Artiz Studio have been established since 2004 and have produced some of the most established dancers and teachers in dance industry Malaysia. 





Joel Tan - Urban Groove

Chief Teacher/ Programme Director


Joel Tan is no stranger to the Malaysian street dance community. One of the first generations of street dancers in the country, Joel is reputably known as the pioneer of real hip hop and soul dance in Malaysia. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, joel has produced many of the countries finest new school teachers n dancers. An expert in the field of hip hop, soul, popping, locking, house, and bboy, joel has a deep understanding of the technical aesthetics of each style. Currently retired from competing, Joel focuses on training instructors all over the country on how to be professional hip hop teachers.

Mervin Yong - D Artiz Studio

Chief Tutor/ Director


Hi, I'm Mervin. I've been in this streetdance industry since 2003, my strong passion and faith in dance has led me to who I am and what I am doing today. Sharing these fun yet knowledgeable course with you is my great pleasure. Pursue your dream, become one of us as Professional dance teacher today.




The course plan is divided into both technical and theory segments. This plan is dedicated to equipping the individual with a strong foundation in dance and versatile ability to adapt to any growing trends.
The individual will also be adequately furnished with information and knowledge that will enhance his or her ability to function as a professional dance teacher, entrepreneur, choreographer and leader.

In this segment the individual will firstly be trained extensively in the comprehensive foundation on 5 core specialized dance disciplines, namely
Hip hop
House dance

At the end of the 2 semester course, the individual will have the foundation to self progress independently.

Apart from that the individual will also be equipped with applied dance routines for purposes of general performing. These are fusion pieces of different styles that are themed based.

Other than the core disciplines, the individual will also be trained on secondary dance styles as addition to their overall skill set. Examples of these classes are

Street jazz
Girl style


Other than practical skills, here at the urban artiz, we will furnish the student with knowledge that will be important in elevating their professional level as a teacher, choreographer and entrepreneur.

Spread between the two semesters, the theory segment will cover the following;
1. Understanding the basic functions of the human body
- the muscle system
- the energy system
- the skeletal n joints
- digestion and blood circulation
2. Fundamentals of nutritional science
3. Principles of of flexibility n stretching
4. Science of injuries
5. Basic principles of first aid
6. Science of exercise
- strength training exercises
-aerobics and anaerobic training
7. history and evolution of music and dance genres
8. Principals and concepts in choreography
9. Guidelines in conducting a class
10. Basic principals in studio management
11. The dance teacher as a leader



- Music Editing

- Props Making

- Sound and Light System

- Stage Make Up



Our Address:

3rd Floor, B21, Ipoh Parade.

Inside Next HipHop Arena;

Old cinema and old food court



+6 017-4618549

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